on the sly

just got my gray rabbit fur pom-pom necklace from imyourpresent! it totally weirds out my family, but i love it because it's so...frou frou

details: blue cashmere blend sweater (f21), gray shorts (f21), cable-knit thigh highs (target), black mary janes (nine west).

i'm going through a weird hosiery phase. can't seem to stop buying tights and socks (knee socks + thigh highs, mostly) in different colors and patterns! i haven't even worn all of them yet...

anyway, my cousin alyssa is staying with us for thanksgiving weekend and i'm very excited because i haven't seen her in forever (like...2 years or so??). plus, out of all my cousins (and there are a lot of them), i get along with her the most.

i will take lots of pictures this weekend! mostly of food, you know. but family too. and my thanksgiving outfit.

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

Erica !!

You look so so stunning and adorable girl:) I really love love that pom pom necklace so much! Ohhh and I LOVE imyourpresent etsy store.

She has the most amazing stuff.Have yet to buy anything from her yet but sooonn!

Beautiful sweater and also those knee socks! Yeahhhh,I'm still in my tights craze toooo.

Awwww,those red tights. Its actually a wine red one. But I really love them so much!
Always great to have cousins stay over,hope you both are going to have so much fun and catch up to do!

Happy Thanksgiving girl and your exams will be over in no time. Wooohooo~
Yayyyy for eating my share too of food,awwwww! I want to have turkey.ahahaha

I really do the vintage set of earrings you sent me the last time.I still haven got to wearing some of them,but I will soon! Especially when all the holidays are coming up,excited!

Ohhh,I don't ever throw away anything my boyfriend gives me. Pretty sentimental person I am.

I have 1 younger sister. I'm the older one heeee. She's 16 this year,3 years apart both of us.
How many siblings do you have? I think you mentioned you have a sister right?

I will have to wear that scarf top soon again.Its gorgeous huh?
Ohhhh,you're on my list for Christmas! Can't wait to start shopping for your gifts.

And don't worry about the many comments. There can never be too much.heee

love youuuuu!! <3333

somedaynewyorker said...

Such a cute necklace. I love imyourpresent.

Check out my etsy store. somedaynewyorker.blogspot.com.

Belen said...

hahaha it's definitely a unique necklace! but i LOVE it with the sweater. :) actually, i thought the pom poms were part of the sweater and that the necklace was just the bow!

Belen said...

ps, we totally need to go to dland together!

Caitlin said...

I really like imyourpresent! But I never have enough money to get anything!