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thanks so much, miss toothfairy for tagging me.
a blog survey about
music! how fun.

the rules:
*write down the title AND the artist.:)
*It doesn't have to be perfect,we won't judge so don't worry :P
*the songs have to be in english,its universal :P
*please don't read the rest of the entry, read it when you are filling the survey.hehehe


Top 40s at the moment: a few of my obsession songs right now are ...the calculation (regina spektor), looking up, where the lines overlap (both by paramore), satellite mind, waves, gimme sympathy (all by metric), so you say (the bird and the bee), i want you (fefe dobson), tickle my spine (looker), turn a square (the shins) and a bunch of others! my ipod playlist is pretty diverse.

3 songs that represent your feeling at the moment: brick by boring brick (paramore), dancing with myself (nouvelle vogue), waves (metric)

Song(s) that gives u spirits when you are down: dirty little secret (all american rejects), dance anthem of the 80s (regina spektor), host of a ghost (porter), the halo/walking on sunshine mash-up from 'glee'. haha!


: fly me to the moon (frank sinatra)

SEXY !!!: dirty laundry (bitter:sweet)

I HATE MY EX,HE IS A REAL JERK !: you're a cad (the bird and the bee)

R&B Nite: crazy in love (beyonce)

Diamond: fashion (lady gaga)

Eccentric: grace kelly (mika)

British: dirty mind (the pipettes)

Adorable: swimming pool (the submarines)

whew! that was hard.
i'm tagging valencia, patty, rachel, and belen for this. have fun with it, girls!

i listen to a lot of indie/rock/jazz/pop/oldies.
okay, so pretty much almost everything.

what are some of your favorite bands?

i love discovering new music! :)

♥ erica