le sac of tricks

okay, so i attempted to make my own version of american apparel's 'le sac' dress. i used this tutorial (which i found on cut out + keep) and it was actually really easy. pretty much two rectangles sewn together with a small opening on both sides, and a drawstring at the top.

it's kind of confusing though. the different ways you can wear it, i mean. i think you need, like, a lot of fashion tape in order to make some of the styles work, but whatever. pretty cool dress.

okay. i'm out of ideas on how to wear it. and it's hard trying out the different ways on yourself! that's what my dressform is for. now i'll never be able to replicate the styles when i wear it out haha. ahhhhhh.

my next project: figure out how to make that crazy amazing emami dress (i'm really into this convertible clothing thing right now). it's a little ambitious, but i sorta found a tutorial for it so i'm going to try to figure out how to make it!

anyone else see it before? it's another convertible dress, but the styles are more diverse. you can even turn it into a pair of comfy harem pants! i want it. but i'd rather make it. it's cheaper that way. :P

♥ erica