i should be working on my project

...but i'm blogging instead. oh, distractions.
just a quick outfit post, okay? promise.

outfit: blush cardigan (heritage/f21), black shorts (papaya), black crochet tights (betsey johnson), patent black flats (charlotte russe).

jewelry: crown charm necklace (juicy couture), vintage gold bow bracelet (imyourpresent), pearl bracelets (random. claire's and f21)

after reading valencia's posts, i realized that i never put the jewelry details! so i'll do that from now on.

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

Awww,I sometimes leave out details on my outfits. ahaha and I only remember the next day sometimes:)

love love your cream peach blouse and those tights as well!!

Ohhhh,I will send out your package next week! I'm so so sorry,as I need to get a few more things for your package. You can hold off my package too so we will receive it around the same time.

So sorry for the delay.

big hugssssss <333333

firecrackers said...

procrastination....me too! I should be writing a 30 page paper...but instead i am here. Ps....you look beautiful as usual.. good luck with your project!

Caitlin said...

cute! i love black and pink together

Chasing Cherries said...

Haha ... I know what you mean!! Always when I need to be focused for school or something I always think that a couple of minutes blogging between the work is not a problem... But it never stays with that couple of minutes haha.. But thank you anyway for sharing your cute outfit :) I adore your shirt, love the color!!

Kristin said...

What a lovely look. LOVE that color combo!

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

That cardigan is cute! i love that colour


Toothfairy said...

I love your cardigan... I miss you around!


Namine said...

super cute outfit. love the stockings. thanks for visiting my blog

Ilse said...

ahhahaha sounds familiar!! blogging is much more fun than working on projects, ahah. lovely outfit!

Elizabeth Ruby said...

Super cute outfit, I love your tights!
Very pretty post :)

gd said...

you look sweet and pretty all the way!
i'm just blogwalking, followed you, it'd be nice if you can visit and maybe follow mine...

xoxo www.gd-dujour.blogspot.com