bloomingdale's, halloween, and life in general

okay! so much has happened (or so it feels like).
let's just condense my life from the past couple of weeks:

i finally finished my internship at bloomingdales (yay!). i was both sad/relieved to go. sad because i'll miss everyone, relieved because it means i don't have to work retail for no pay anymore.

outfit details: black cardigan (old navy), yellow bow top (tulle), black skirt (erin fetherston for target), black tights (f21), black mary janes (nine west)

i baked cupcakes for my last day. they were delicious (halloween themed funfetti cake mix haha) and everyone loved them.

i also got my hair cut. nothing too dramatic. i got bangs but they're a bit funky/going through that weird post-haircut phase where they just don't look right. they're supposed to be a straight fringe, but my hair is a bit cowlick-y and i just keep pushing them to the side. whatever.

oh, and these tights are awesome! they're a bit too long for my legs, but they have cute little bows on the backs of the ankles.

outfit details: silver bow headband (f21), royal blue sweater (f21), black cashmere heart tights (betsey johnson), black mary janes (nine west), silver heart necklace (gift from my friend liz)

halloween was fun. carved pumpkins (mine was a panda face) and went to the west hollywood carnival with my friends yan, phillip, katherine, and bebe to check out all the crazy costumes.

i was alice in wonderland for halloween. something i've always wanted to be but just never did. i made my costume super last minute (the night before! ahhhh) so it's a miracle i pulled it off.

whew! so what did everyone else do for halloween? what did you dress up as (if you did)? halloween's my favorite holiday (candy + costumes, hello!), so i'd love to hear from you guys.

♥ erica