just checking in so you know i'm alive!

i know i've disappeared, and i miss the blogging world (really). i still have orders to fill, not to mention 3 tests and a presentation this week (yikes!), so i'll keep this brief. at least disneyland's lost & found found my phone and sent it to me...that was pretty awesome. one less thing to worry about. i mean, i think my phone flew out of my pocket when i was on the matterhorn (and that ride throws you around a lot. very bumpy) so it's a miracle that it turned up.

except my charm broke off and the screen is way scratched up. completely beat-up. sad. i need a new phone.

anyway...congratulations to MillieDog Designs for winning the kitty ears! yay! don't worry, i'll be doing more giveaways. some with more kitty ears too, but special edition ones! so there's always a chance to win a pair in the future. i'm very excited for this.

also, just wanted to share a couple of things i bought recently (and on sale! yay!) that i'm in love with.

dress by aqua (bloomingdale's)
other details: black patent pumps (jessica simpson), pink silk bow made by me (in beginning of post)

black pleather motorcycle jacket by sashimi (nordstrom)
other details: hand knitted beret (leo's roar on etsy), purple flutter sleeve t-shirt (bcbg), dark skinny jeans (domaine)

anyone buy anything fun lately?? :)

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

Erica !!! You're back !! Awwww,I've missed you really alot ! heeeee Do blog more and I know you can after halloween :)

HUGE love for the pink satin bow you wore in your 1st photo <3 <3 Could you please make me one too ?? Maybe in blue ?! heeeee

And the Aqua dress you're wearing is so stunning! I love the layering with the bottom part.
2 thumbs up for your nordstorm biker jacket ! It just the perfect one and for colder weather tooo.

Congrats to the Kitty Ears winner ! Can't wait for more giveaways :) I'm having one too on my blog now,check it out !

LOVE YOU LOTS my blogging bestie !

Valencia Lia said...

I missed you toooo girl !! and I had fun with the can can kick. heeeee

Yeahhhhh,you should go get patterned tights ! And do take more photos to share girl ! I too am learning to take more photos on a daily basis.
Wear your purple tights again and snap them to show me.

Go to Topshop to get those heart tights !! Or American Apparel has them,but its alittle expensive to me:( F21 does have awesome tights. I bought one knitted gray tights from there and its really lasting.

If you want crocheted tights and good ones,go buy tights from Jonathan Aston's ! I really love his tights !

Awww,thanks for your well wishes ! yessss,I was super excited when I saw that I hit 100 ! Its always so fun to hit milestones in our life<3 <3

Yayyyym,thanks so so much for getting the makeup bag for me. because I can't go for the makeover,so you should go in my place bestie !! And tell mw how it went,I'll just imagine I was there tooo. LOL
And I can't wait for our makeup swap. Which is soon cos' halloween will be over next weekend ! Ahhhhhh,so excited !

And we need to chat soon on gmail or skype !!

Toothfairy said...

I like your beanie, I have one similar to yours! and your black leather jacket is cool too, I'm actually looking for one (or in brown) myself!


elementnineteen said...

That Aqua dress is to die for! I love the simple two-tone color palette. Not to mention, it looks amazing on you!

Gi said...

love that dress! very cute!

Lilize said...

ohhhhhhh i love nordy's!!! :D <3

Patty Ann said...

i love that dress, its sort of like two pieces! a white dress under a black skirt!!! i think i might have to do a diy like this! LOVE the pink bow, thats the best part!


♥zoe♥ said...

Hello Sweetie,
Love your dress and you look fab!
I'd love to come back and check you out:) such adorable lady you are! Yes i'm your new follower*teehee*