death by sewing machine

1. outfits
details: green and purple striped cardigan and gray shorts (f21), tights (target)

details: pink scottie dog t-shirt (juicy couture), gray cardigan (love by design), gray leggings (f21), black suede boots (steve madden).

2. disneyland

went to disneyland for my best friend's 21st birthday. she got in for free (isn't that birthday promotion cool?) and they gave her a big fat button that said "it's my birthday!" or something like it. all the disney employees would zero in on the button, smile, and say "happy birthday!"

every time.
it was pretty impressive.

i insisted on going to the haunted mansion (like always) because it's my favorite, especially around halloween/christmas because they 'nightmare before christmas' it up (and i love that movie).

unfortunately, i lost my cell phone around the matterhorn (ack!) so hopefully that'll get sorted out soon. i feel naked without it.

but all in all, it was an awesome day. they had all their halloween decorations up (tons of jack-o-lanterns with disney characters carved into them) and it put me in a good mood. i'm very excited for halloween, even if i don't have definite plans yet (or even a costume!).

3. etsy

i've been sewing furiously the past few weeks, so sorry for the lack of updates. i made my 100th sale a couple of days ago (yay!) which is awesome. but i have a lot to work on (+homework).

there are going to be a lot of hello kitties walking around on halloween this year.

i'm up to my ears...
in ears.

♥ erica

p.s. anyone watch 'modern family' or 'glee'? i'm ridiculously in love with those shows. they've quickly become a couple of my favorites already! plus, degrassi premiered this week. YES!


yiqin; said...

The grey cardigan looks comfy <3

Valencia Lia said...

Wooooo,really love love your 2 comfy outfits so so much !!
Adore your striped cardigan in the 1st outfit and your slouchy gray cardigan :) Beautiful as always girl !
And those tights and boots,you must be all ready for colder weather <3 <3

Woooooo,disneyland for 21st birthday ?!! I wanna go toooooo! And the huge badge that says your bday and everyone greets and wishes you ?That's so so sweettt !

And your cell phone lost ?!! So sorry to hear that. I hate it when it happens to me toooo. With all my contacts gone the last time I left it in a toilet !

I'm always scared to go into the haunted house:(
You must have had fun with your BFF and friends too.

Ohhhh my,HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU ! Erica,you've reached your 100th sales. That's amazing and really good news:) Woooooooo!! So really happy for you :)
Can't wait for halloween !

You're so funny on the food post ! 5 pounds?! hahaha but those food were realy indeed yummy:)

My sister bought me my biker jacket from her UK exchange trip last year. heeee
Can't wait to see you pair yours with up coming outfits.

Yeahhhh,when you wanna find or buy things you love,they all disappear suddenly. And when you dont need them or no money,they all appear ! Urghhh
More hats for cold weather yeahhhh !!


elementnineteen said...

I am a huuuuuuge fan of Glee! it's such a great show!

Congrats on your 100th sale! I love your work, especially those kitty ears!

Meg said...

I adore both "Glee" and "Modern Family" -- definitely some of the highlights of my week! :)

Love your "Hello Kitty" ears! :) I feel your Etsy pain -- I'm up to my ears in "Harry Potter" scarves, haha. I've made ten in the past two weeks, mostly for folks' Halloween costumes! I'm happy to have the sales, but my hands will thank me when I have a break! :)

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods soon!! I'm coming to California with some friends in three weeks. We're spending two days in San Diego and three in L.A., and I'm ridiculously excited! We're going to Disneyland, too. I've been to Disneyworld, but never Disneyland... maybe they'll still have their fall decorations up?

firecrackers said...

you look adorable as usual and i love/miss disneyland...why is it always true that people loose their cell phones there all the time. my friend lost hers last time. i hope it all gets sorted out...

Rachel said...

Love the outfits! And I have just recently grown to LOVE glee and modern family. Cracks me up!