a waffle wednesday reunion

1. first, my outfits because the rest of this entry is a little wordy.

details: silver bow headband (f21), red dress (f21), gray polka-dot tights (target), black mary-jane flats (nine west)

details: indigo floral lace dress (kensiegirl. this dress is one of my favorites, really), wide elastic belt (f21), black open toe bow skimmers (nina dolls)

2. a waffle wednesday reunion

the waffle wednesday girls: nathalie, ingrid, nadia (in the convertible dress i made her for her birthday!), and me

the "waffle wednesday" thing requires some explanation, i'm sure. there are four of us in this "group". nadia and i met at freshman orientation, then we met ingrid when we joined student government, then ingrid and i met nadia's sister nathalie. we all clicked and hung out a lot...mostly to talk, eat, and watch audrey hepburn movies, musicals, and tv on dvd. one of our favorite shows to watch?

"dead like me".

the characters always met at a waffle house, and one day after watching, nathalie had a craving for waffles so we went to IHOP.

thus began the start of "waffle wednesday" (even though after that first night, no one ever actually really ordered waffles). it was a great excuse to just eat and gossip.

we kept this tradition up for a long time, until nathalie graduated may 2008. then everyone got busy and our schedules got confusing. but finally, we were able to get together and celebrate nadia's birthday this weekend.

nadia and i sipping our 'g-moneys'

it was the first time all four of us had hung out since december 2008 for our christmas dinner! geez. it was really fun though and we had lots of catching up to do. we threw nadia a birthday party on saturday, then took her out to FraƮche for some fondue (or "chocolate-y fondue tower of goodness", as nathalie put it) and drinks. oh, and we also had this chocolate strawberry tart thing that came with basil (yes, basil) gelato. it was weird. nadia wore the convertible dress i made her and really seemed to like it.

chocolate-y fondue tower of goodness

chocolate strawberry tart with basil gelato

then we went to this place down the street for delicious, fluffy, buttery biscuits with honey (sounds strange, but it's really good. promise!) and eventually ended up at the Burbank Bar & Grill for some karaoke.

...except we were all pretty wimpy and only nadia had the guts to sing ("summer lovin" from grease. ha! since none of us were brave enough to sing with her, the karaoke host offered to do it).

it was a good weekend. i didn't even realize how much i missed it being just the four of us.

(oh, and how come no one carded us?? what's the fun in being 21 if no one asks you for your i.d.? i mean, if we had known it was this easy, we could've gone to these places way before we turned 21. i hope this doesn't mean we look old or anything.)

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

Yayyyy,girl I'm always looking forward to a new post from you !!

Loving you mix the sliver/grey and the red all together!!! The ribbon headband is so beautiful:)

And the blue dress in your 2nd outfit ! Ahhhhh,I am so in love with it :) Reminds me of 1950s cocktail dress ! And the neckline is lovely :)

The idea if Waffle Wednesday is so adorable ! And friends meeting each other one after another from the start is so lovely:)

And what a great way to get together and just catch up on everyone's lives <3

Woooo,the chocolate fondue is making me feel so hungry ! I love those food dipped in choco :)
Plus the karaoke seems so fun,I would surely have gone up to sing with her !!

And girl,you girls are always young ! Don't matter about having to card and check <3

Patty Ann said...

waffle wednesday, that is an awesome name for your group of girls, my friends and i have a new group name each year, it's based on what we are for halloween. we've been the "7 sins" and the year before that we were "spice girls". in high school though my friends and i called ourselves dirty dozen b/c there were 12 of us. you guys are soooo cute!!! the fondue look soooo yummy, i LOVE fondue!!!

i love your blue outfit
and the headband is SOOOO cute!


F i K a said...

Love your floral blue lace dress!! it so fit on you..no wonder it became one of your favorite :)

and I like the color of convertible dress that Nadia wore..it look great in her skin..you gave her a perfect gift ;)

Valencia Lia said...

Karaoke is so muchhhh fun ! You should try it. Just think of all those people watching as watermelons!! So you won't feel awkward :)

Ohhhh the vest I wore has 2 side pockets,which I love ! To put my phone or money,which sometimes I might misplace.
The sunnies you could maybe wear it when taking photos for an outfit. But need not wear it out though. heeeee

Hope you liked the vlog. It's kinda draggy and lots of random questions !

Valencia Lia said...

Awwwwww,you too sweet girl ! So sorry about the volume of the video,was recording from my phone so it couldnt really pick up the sound well:)

Yeahh,watching it with headphones would be much better !

paty said...

wow I love your outfits :)

Rachel said...

ahh ! Love the pictures!! :)

kirstyb said...

loving your outfits the first ones look fab xxxx

Patty Ann said...

thanks for the follow!!! i'm following you too :) also, do you want to exchange links???


Valencia Lia said...

Hi girl,I'm here again ! Heeeee

Glad you liked the makeupalley thing going on. What ?!! A swaplifter ?? That's bad :( Understand how you feel. Tell you what,we could swap with each other :) hahaha

Yup,still doing my bagpack project .

Tucking in shirts are something I love doing always. But sometimes I don't. Have to see with which outfits.
Ohhh,you have to buy more hats ! I love them and need to get more. Ohhh,pssst . I bought mine from gmarket,a korean shopping site.

I'll try to rehearse and do the makeup tutorial soon :)) Ohhh yes,the yellow skirt has purple buttons which I love<3

Thanks alot girl ! About the hair flip,I was really figuring out when to flip when the self-timer was ticking away.
So happy it turned out great <3

Ohhhhh,I'm looking forward to your next post ! Hope everything's going well in school. Anything exciting/funny happened ? heeee

Taylor Sterling said...

you are darling!

ElizabethJane. said...

Love love love the blue dress.
It's so hard to find dresses that ACTUALLY cover your butt these days, but that one is great :)