treasure chest

details: custom gray slouchy beret (, striped blue hooded terry dress with pockets (victoria's secret pink), black leggings (target), gray belt (f21), black flip-flops (old navy)

so valencia and i did a mystery swap (see what i sent her) and i got my very awesome package a couple of days ago (we got them on the same day!). she sent me a brown skirt, a babydoll top, tons of eye shadow (can never have too many colors!), makeup, hair accessories, and some jewelry. thanks so much, valencia!!! i think you picked the perfect things to send me (which was great because i wasn't exactly too specific about the types of things i liked haha). we will definitely have to do it again (and if anyone else is interested in swapping random things, just ask!).

aww crap. i just realized i forgot to take a picture of the baggu bag it came in (it's this really cute reusable tote that comes in a little matching pouch). i've always wanted one for some weird reason (i mean, you never know when you're going to need a spare bag to carry something!) and she just so happened to send me a red one. i already put it in my purse just in case.

but my absolute FAVORITE item was the treasure chest necklace!!! so cute + sparkly!

reminds me of monopoly. you know...the community chest card? i happen to have a fondness for monopoly (even though i haven't played it in, what, over a decade or so??) because (stupid reason) i think it's a cute game. i like the illustrations and playing pieces (especially the top hat). and yeah, the pendant looks nothing like the community chest, but i instantly thought of monopoly when i saw it...well, that and pirates.

don't ask.

being back in school has done weird things to my brain (or perhaps it's all the ash + smoke? southern california fires. sigh. it's not summer unless we have one. or three).

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

I always love berets too,especially those slouchy ones ! The top you wore has pockets, yayyy for that :) Because I love tops with pockets to put my phone in.

To belt this whole outfit is a perfect match <3

Girl Erica !!!! Hahaha Good thing we got both of packages on the same day ! Really happy and glad you liked the things I picked for you :)

And the treasure chest necklace,its really pretty and know you would like it !
Hahaha and to remind you of monopoly is funny :)

Yessss,I can't wait for our next upcoming swap ! So excited,those shoes are stil waiting for you <3
Ohhh,and did you see my last reply about coming to visit ?? heeee

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh forgot to add,I'll mail you more baggu bags the next time round <3

linaa, said...


Valencia Lia said...

I'm really excited about coming to visit too ! Or you could come and visit ! Heeeee Whichever way,I need to start my saving plan for air tickets <3

Ahhh,the city Valencia . So cool,surely want to visit that place. haven't met a blogger in real life yet as well .

Heard LA lots of fun too <3 So really really fun ! Got so many plans in my mind now. Ahhhhh <3 <3 <3 <3

Really love those hair bows as well. Big supporter of handmade items ! Thanks girl,always so sweet <3

emma j said...

that necklace is amazing! wow what a great idea to mystery swap! love the blog xx

Beth said...

That necklace is so cute!
Love your outfit in general though.
Love this post!
Beth xx

Lilize said...

nice swapping! :) i wonder what you sent her?
well, i guess i can always go check her blog and see if she posted anything :)

i think the treasure chest necklace is really cute too ;)
dont forget to show it again when u wear it! :)


firecrackers said...

ohmigosh...that treasure chest is soo cute. and what fun it is that you did the swap! i love surprises.

ElizabethJane. said...

CUTE necklace.
Do you know who made it?

Patty Ann said...

omgggggg cute treasure chest
it almost looksl ike its a ring in the chest!!!
the swap looks like SOOOO much fun
i might just have to join the next time!!

Kelsey said...

Love the idea of the mystery swap. Did you guys hear about it somewhere or just made it up?

I hope the wildfire aren't killing you with smoke! There's some that are pretty close to Burbank/Woodbury, aren't there? From the news it sounded like they were very close.

I'm thinking after I apply for the Disney-thing, that I'm going to do a tour to visit all the folks I've wanted to see since I graduated, so I might be in SoCal around December?

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