treasure chest

details: custom gray slouchy beret (, striped blue hooded terry dress with pockets (victoria's secret pink), black leggings (target), gray belt (f21), black flip-flops (old navy)

so valencia and i did a mystery swap (see what i sent her) and i got my very awesome package a couple of days ago (we got them on the same day!). she sent me a brown skirt, a babydoll top, tons of eye shadow (can never have too many colors!), makeup, hair accessories, and some jewelry. thanks so much, valencia!!! i think you picked the perfect things to send me (which was great because i wasn't exactly too specific about the types of things i liked haha). we will definitely have to do it again (and if anyone else is interested in swapping random things, just ask!).

aww crap. i just realized i forgot to take a picture of the baggu bag it came in (it's this really cute reusable tote that comes in a little matching pouch). i've always wanted one for some weird reason (i mean, you never know when you're going to need a spare bag to carry something!) and she just so happened to send me a red one. i already put it in my purse just in case.

but my absolute FAVORITE item was the treasure chest necklace!!! so cute + sparkly!

reminds me of monopoly. you know...the community chest card? i happen to have a fondness for monopoly (even though i haven't played it in, what, over a decade or so??) because (stupid reason) i think it's a cute game. i like the illustrations and playing pieces (especially the top hat). and yeah, the pendant looks nothing like the community chest, but i instantly thought of monopoly when i saw it...well, that and pirates.

don't ask.

being back in school has done weird things to my brain (or perhaps it's all the ash + smoke? southern california fires. sigh. it's not summer unless we have one. or three).

♥ erica