tied with a bow

anyone else watch gossip girl on monday?

i was so excited for it but the storylines are getting really ridiculous now (well, more ridiculous than usual). or the characters are getting annoying. or both. i'm not sure.

and yet, i'll keep watching.
for the clothes.

i was really sad though because that blue anna sui dress at target was sold out the day all the stuff premiered. dang. i hope they re-stock it soon! it's the one thing that i reeeeeally want out of the whole collection (and they don't even have it at the local target yet! ugh).

here are a couple of outfits from this week. i'm in looooove with the motorcycle hoodie from forever 21! eeeee. i still want to get a pleather motorcycle jacket though. i have a bunch of things on my wishlist for fall.

details: green sweater (heritage for f21), bow belt (f21), jeans (american rag), headband (target)

details: gray motorcycle hoodie (f21), teal ruffle bib tank (sidecca), gray leggings (f21), black flip-flops (kitson)

anyway, i've been busy, busy making things for the shop, filling orders, and you know, doing homework. i feel productive again (yay!) and it feels good to be busy.

♥ erica


Indy Grrrl said...

I still think season one of Gossip Girl was the best! I've always been bored with the storylines, but the clothing is enough to keep me watching. That, and I adore Blair : ) I was wondering if Target was going to re-stock the collection as well. I went to two stores and they didn't have the lace dress with blue bow. I did score one piece I really liked. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Look at you all sassy in the motorcycle hoodie! :)

Sarah Alaoui said...

cmonnn, it's not getting ridiculous! it's amazinggg as ever ;)

Valencia Lia said...

Noooo,I didn't watch ! Have to find GG somewhere online and watch it :)
But yes,the outfits on the show I've seen are amazing <3

Girl,don't give up ! Keep hunting that dress down,I'm sure you'll be able to find it .
Ohhhh,yes yes motorcycle jackets is a must have.

My wishlist always gets longer and longer as the days go by. oops ! hahaha

The green bow sweater is so so beautiful !!! I WANT that too. heeeee And it goes perfectly with the bow belt.

And the 1st pose for your 2nd outfit is awesome ! Erica,you look like a model ! Heeeee no kidding <3
Plus I love that gray motorcycle jacket with the pop of color with your top .

Ohhhh,I love your lip gloss as well ! And I'm excited about halloween even if I can't go to parties. Maybe I'll just set up everything at home .

Need an costume 1st though. LOVE YOU <3

Caitlin said...

Oh boy...Gossip Girl fan? I don't know about that...I suppose I will forgive you since you have that cute green sweater :-D

MariaLaurentiaLyana said...

cute blog ! mind to exchange link?? :)

Kelsey said...

I love that motorcycle hoodie! Looks a lot more comfortable than real leather jackets.

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