sephora giveaway!!!

so today was quite eventful!

i was invited to the launch of sephora's express services at the glendale galleria and brought my sister and a few of my closest friends along to get mini makeovers. it was really fun and the makeup artists are very nice & helpful!

you can pick a couple out of the diverse range of services that they offer, including a smoky eye, perfect pout, high-definition makeup, candy-colored eyes, dark lips, and a skincare regimen. each of us picked different ones, so that was cool to see how each turned out!

they're completely customizable depending on your preferences (i chose the smokey eye, but got it done in bright blue, while my sister tritia got a dramatic black smokey eye, and liz + yan got a subtler smokey eye. clarrisa chose the candy colored eyes and they came out so cute!).

we also tried out the hd foundation one (they used urban decay face primer and foundation on me. loved the foundation so much that i bought it) and liz tried out the 'perfect pout'.

the makeup artists explain what they're doing and which products they use (and if you prefer certain brands, colors, or styles, you can ask them to use them on you) and they write everything down on these little cards so you can take them home with you and replicate it. so it's a mini makeup lesson and makeover in one!

plus, it's all complimentary! as in FREE! so check the website and see if they're offering it at a sephora near you. seriously fun, and totally worth it. plus, they're not pushy like the department store salepeople (yay!).

all of us post-makeover: my sister tritia, yan, me, clarrisa, and liz

we celebrated with the lunch they gave us. yum!

and now for the giveaway...

i have four (!!!) vouchers to give away, good for a free, exclusive cosmetic bag (like the one in the picture below!) when you get an express service done!

unfortunately, it's only good at a few southern california locations, so if you live in the los angeles area (or can get to the century city, glendale, or santa monica locations easily), here's how to participate:

1. add yourself as a follower on my blog.
2. leave a comment on here stating your favorite makeup brand (please leave your e-mail address so i can contact you if you're a winner).
3. additional entries: mention this giveaway on twitter (be sure to mention my username, @iamericaleigh, so i can see it, as well as my blog address:
4. this giveaway will end on saturday, october 12th. 4 winners will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail.

good luck!!! :)

and last, but not least, my outfit for the day:
details: red cardigan (kersh. yeah, never heard of it either), black and white striped ribbed tank (kensiegirl), blue pull-on skinny jeans (domaine), black flip-flops (kitson)

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

Ahhhhh and yeahhh for a giveaway ! heeee

Ohhhh my,the event looks like so much fun and and I adore the eye makeup they did on you :)

How I wished I was there too :) Ohhhh,I don't know if I can be entered in this giveaway . But I'll just comment anyway.

Following your blog already and on twitter ! Heeee Ohhhhh,favourite makeup brand now I would say is MAC !

Ohhh and,I'll rely to your comments later in the day. And the banner,awwww you're so sweet girl ! Yes yes,please do :) I bet you'll do just a perfect one <3 LOVE YOU

yiqin; said...

Ah I love sephora~!!

Kelsey said...

I'm so jealous! I've never had a mini makeover at Sephora

Little Lovables said...

love the blue on you, perfect!

miss indie said...

ooooh I am so jealous of your Sephoraness! :]
cute outfit, doll!

Valencia Lia said...

Girl,really sorry but here comes my long reply ! heeee

Yeahhh,we all didnt cry at the airport. heeee Which is good,anyway she'll be back in December . So its really soon :)
I do want to get a tattoo that declares a friendship that a lasted so long! And will get it done. But my friend doesnt want to do it,she's scared that she'll regret it.

Or maybe we should go do one ! heeee

Wearing contacts is just part of being at front desk not that nice that I'm wearing my oversized glasses all the time.But good thing is that there's no restriction to what I wear.

Realized that I do have quite alot of blue stuff. Hahaha Yeahh,we need more colors in our closet. We'll need to shop together and remind each other on the color choices.

Shopping ban is never good,but helps to save money. Ohhhh,great that you've made sales on etsy! I tend to do that too whenever I have a sale on my online store. Spend it right away .

If only we could win the lottery ~

Good luck on the brazilets. heeee Ohhhh they do have it at a store in the US.
And study hard girl ! Know its hard at times,but keep going. Rooting for you all the way.
And thanks so much for offering to do me a banner for the blog <3 You're so sweet !

<3 <3 <3

♥Aubrey said...


Valencia Lia said...

Re:Okay so its badthat I keep replying here since its the giveaway post. I'll make it a short one. heeee

Yes,Gojane is an awesome place to get your shoes ! Inexpensive and wide range to choose from. Maybe you can still shop but limit yourself to how much you get to spend shopping.

That's what I'm doing now. I do dislike teachers that are not nice and giving the class a hard time. All the best with your presentation and ohhhh Christmas is just about 90plus days away. So excited <3

Ohhh will email you on the banner. Thanks so much Erica <3 <3 <3

tritia kristin! said...

Those sandwiches were SO good.

Little Bo Peeep said...

Awwhhh wow that is superb getting a free makeover and a lunch?! They sure do know how to advertise their product well! I love what they did to your eyes <3
Gawsh i absolutely dread those pushy salers, it's like they make you feel you don't belong in those shops! Ahh if only Sephora was located in our place, that would be great :D

Patty Ann said...

cooooooooool i totally didn't know about this!!! i'm from pasadena, and i think i went to the americana on saturday hahahaha i totally should have gone to the galleria which is like right there!! hahaa
what's in those huge bags you guys all have???????? i really want to know!!! they looks so mysterious and exciting, probably filled with lots of fun goodies!??!?!

Patty Ann said...

p.s. i'm recruiting intern volunteers for the macy's fashion show in santa monica. it's a fundraising and charity event with a fashion show. since you're in the area, would you be interested????? it's actually this week thurs and fri, let me know if you are!! it would be so much fun to meet another blogger!!

Victoria-H said...

lovely makeup !!! said...

oeh I love make up :)

ElizabethJane. said...

Ok, SO jealous.
Sephora is one of my favorite places.
I could seriously live there and be perfectly happy :) SAD about the locations for the giveaway though! Too bad I don't live in Cali :(

Roza said...

i tried that once, it was like a promotion thing they were like "come in come in we'll do a makeover for you for free"
but guess what?
In the end it turns out that I had to buy one of the products they used on me *sigh*