an outfit mega-post

because i did not update this as consistently as i would have liked to this week.

i've been slaving away at my sewing machine with my glue gun on hand. finally caught up with all my orders (except for a custom costume that i'm just about finished with). i've been wonderfully productive (but productivity = exhaustion = no time to blog).

but that's alright because more orders = more money for me = shopping!! i still haven't found that blue anna sui dress yet. it's completely sold out online with only store availability and i can't seem to find it anywhere. sad. but it's okay, because i got my shopping fix at forever 21 this week.

oh and i finally got my staple-free stapler (remember when i mentioned this in my last post? you probably thought i was joking or whatever, but i am clearly not). i figure, if you're going to get something functional/useful, it might as well be cute, no? it's shaped like a dog. a purple dog. admit it, you think it's cool. it can only stitch up to 5 sheets or so, but i don't need it for heavy duty stapling anyway. i was just planning on bringing it to school if i needed it to staple homework/classwork. instead of staples, it does this neat little buckle stitch. i got it on ebay, but i've seen it on amazon as well.

okay, on to the outfits (in no particular order, because i already forgot when i wore what):

details: green tuni (f21), gray belt (f21), leggings (f21), flip-flops (guess)

details: teal scoopneck t-shirt (f21), black cardigan (old navy), houndstooth skirt (zinc), black tights (f21), black flats (nine west)

details: orange dress (green tomato), brown belt (f21), blue skinny jeans (paris blues), tan beaded flats (love potion)

details: heather pink tank (kensiegirl), black cardigan (old navy), gray shorts (f21), black tights (target), gray suede boots (gojane)

details: magenta polo (target), blue plaid wool mini-skirt (american eagle), flip-flops (guess)

♥ erica