goth secretary

or something like it.

this was my outfit for my "consumer behavior" group presentation (we had to "dress up" which is actually the only thing i look forward to when we have class presentations. we kicked ass, by the way).

i was just reading alphabetachic's blog and saw one of her recent outfits, and it reminded me of this one haha! i sense a bit of a trend which is cool, because i happen to like the schoolgirl look.

i love bows (in case you didn't notice). and this top was about $16 at forever 21, so that was pretty awesome. i bought a lot of stuff the past week (surge in halloween sales) when i really shouldn't have. but i'll find any way to justify my purchases ("i can wear this for my presentation", "i don't have brown boots", or "that staple-free stapler is a necessity! i will never need to buy staples again!").

you think i'm joking...
but i'm not.

outfit details: striped bow top (f21), black velvet skirt (erin fetherston for target), crocheted tights (betsey johnson), black t-strap mary-janes (payless).

this week has been pretty busy/stressful, hence the lack of posts & photo taking. all will be normal again soon, promise!

also, don't forget about the sephora makeup bag giveaway! ends october 12th.

♥ erica


Kelsey said...

I do the same and try really hard to justify my purchases. When I was in Japan I kept thinking "It's ok to buy this because how often will I be in Japan?" That's how I ended up buying $500 worth of stuff!

Beth Perry said...

Hey girl! I am so glad you found me and left a comment. You are too cute, btw!!!
Love your style and that outfit is smokin hot!
Talk to you soon!

Rachel said...

Cuuute outfit! Um, what is a staple free stapler?? LOL

Patty Ann said...

omggg i totally just zoomed in to see that skirt
its soooooooo cute
and of course its erin fetherston
my FAV designer of all time

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Really cute outfit!

Valencia Lia said...

Love your title girl :)

i think I'll look funny with the schoolgirl look.
But you did it so perfectly ! Looking beautiful. The top is so adorable and with the skirt and tights,I LOVE them !
And you have killer long legsss:) Ahhhhhh

And how I wish I could buy shoes from payless. I checked their site but sadly they don't ship to Singapore:(

I too always find a way to justify my purchases. But my boyfriend always don't understand. So funny,we girls buy things because we really love them/need them ! But guys just don't get it. heeee

Ohhh,I want to see your new purchases . Did you buy a lot of things for Halloween ?? Its next week. Woooooo

Those mini cars are called Tamiya. It faded in the scene for awhile but sudden craze about them happened recently here.
And it fun to see them run!

Glad you did well in the presentation. Sometimes its weird huh,the more you don't like something,you excel in it.
But my days now are so far so good <3

Ohhhh,my blog titles are not from songs or anywhere. I make up my own titles. Always so fun ! I'll just think of certain thoughts and write them down. Maybe I should become a songwriter . Haaaa Kidding !
Patty from alphabetachic also asked the same question awhile ago. heee

Yeaa,I was afraid of the redness of the dress.But I loved it more and more now. I too want to stock up on more colors. Yiqin is fun to be with. And it helps that we know each other already .

You should meet up with a blogger soon too. Its really fun and so many topics to talk about <3

LOVE YOU ! Come on gmail soon yea <3 <3 <3

Fashion Chalet said...

Hi, Erica!

It's nice to meet another, with the same name. ;)

Erika <3

Velo said...

you look like a smart girl with good attitude =)
i love this =D

yiqin; said...

Ah your top is lovely!!

Victoria-H said...

Thank uu :D Yea you def. should ! Hey, u live in LA and havent been to disneyland yet ? You HAVE TO GO :D I love it ^^
Really nice, dressed look !

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh I saw victoria's comment with the disneyland. Nooooo,I've not been to one before too :(

Maybe we could go when I visit. heeee that is planning in process going on still.

I'm also loving outdoor shots more and more. Something different to my photos and the background.
Woooo,you bought so many things ! Can't wait to see those booots. And I'm really on a shopping ban now,bank account is so dry. Ahhhhhh
Next paycheck,i NEED you badly.

Yes yes,I can ever have enough things .I always ended up finding something nice and wanting to buy again. Ahhhhh,that's bad and good too

Okay,we'll have to fix our timings to chat on gmail. heeeee Ohhh gmail can also video chat now !!! Its okay,we can chat on video once you have a webcam <3 <3 <3

Love you ! Ohhhhhh,and I'm feeling much better now

frances said...

you look fab!