goth secretary

or something like it.

this was my outfit for my "consumer behavior" group presentation (we had to "dress up" which is actually the only thing i look forward to when we have class presentations. we kicked ass, by the way).

i was just reading alphabetachic's blog and saw one of her recent outfits, and it reminded me of this one haha! i sense a bit of a trend which is cool, because i happen to like the schoolgirl look.

i love bows (in case you didn't notice). and this top was about $16 at forever 21, so that was pretty awesome. i bought a lot of stuff the past week (surge in halloween sales) when i really shouldn't have. but i'll find any way to justify my purchases ("i can wear this for my presentation", "i don't have brown boots", or "that staple-free stapler is a necessity! i will never need to buy staples again!").

you think i'm joking...
but i'm not.

outfit details: striped bow top (f21), black velvet skirt (erin fetherston for target), crocheted tights (betsey johnson), black t-strap mary-janes (payless).

this week has been pretty busy/stressful, hence the lack of posts & photo taking. all will be normal again soon, promise!

also, don't forget about the sephora makeup bag giveaway! ends october 12th.

♥ erica