'glee' makes me giggle

details: black satin gauze blouse (f21), wide black elastic belt (f21), high-waisted gray shorts (urban outfitters), black leather open-toe skimmers (steve madden)

yes, i'm watching 'glee' right now.

for the second time. i can't wait for the rest of the season! i love it that much. it's a cute + quirky show...and i like how they "show-choirize" modern songs. fun.

and did you know my dad was glee club? yeah, i didn't either. at least not until yesterday when he mentioned it during dinner. he played guitar and they sang standards and old classics or something.

my dad is cool.

also, i finally made a new costume for my etsy shop. i promise that the others will be finished soon! i'm planning on making alice in wonderland, the mad hatter, the cheshire cat, a jack-o-lantern dress (similar to the panda dress below), and some others (maybe the queen of hearts. i love alice in wonderland, obviously).

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♥ erica


Belen said...

panda dress = too freaking cute!
seriously, if i had a baby of my own, or little sibling even, i'd ask for a custom made one!
so adorable. :)

Valencia Lia said...

The all black outfit girl,I love !!! I'll wear everything you have a a heartbeat !

Adore those shoes and your silky top :) Wooo,I wanna feel it. Heeeeee

Ohhhh,I wanna watch Glee too. Seems like its a really good show <3 And its so adorable your dad was in the Glee Club. Way to go !
And its so awesome your dad plays the guitar ! I wanted to learn but didn't cos' my finger would get dry and blistered.

Awwww,the panda dress is so soooooo cute and adorable ! I love those panda ears :)
You should do the alice in wonderland one,sure going to turn out beautiful .

Woooo,Halloween is coming sooonnnn ~

Ohhhh,you could do the swap with me on the makeup <3 Love you !

Rachel said...

Love the panda outfit! I'm getting excited for halloween too!! :)

2ndComing said...

that's one dope panda dress!

Patty Ann said...

toooooooooo cute
i can barely handle the cuteness going on
the panda costume and the toy panda
omgggg tooo cute!!!
can't wait to see other costumes on your etsy shop


Caitlin said...

LOVE the clothes. I, too, LOVE Glee. I hope nothing stupid happens and it gets canceled. The Glee director's wife is such a you know what! I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the season!

Eva Internazionale said...

I love your top!

yiqin; said...

You are too pretty :)

Fashion Pix said...

The panda outfit is so cute!!

Little Clementine said...

Nice outfit - very polished and professional!

Keiko Lynn said...

I love the panda costume! I can't believe it's already sold out...it's making me want to be a panda again (even though I'm planning to be Mary Poppins). Maybe I can have two costumes?

Will you be making more or was this OAK?

Hawaii Kawaii said...

Ha ha I love the panda costume :)

firecrackers said...

these outfits made me smile...how fun...makes me excited about halloween!

Valencia Lia said...

Yeaa,sometimes work really get in the way of blogging or errands to run everyday. Hahaha But yes yes,I'll not give up blogging.

Have to keep blogging everyday and stay in touch ! heeee
I LOVE frozen yogurt and got my boyfriend hooked onto it. He loves it now which is good ! I get to eat his share too. Oops :)

Really happy I got my new pair of Havaianas finally ! Had the old pair for so long and the sole had a hole right through. Heeee
I keep cleaning my new ones each time I wear it.
Trying to keep it clean as possible.

You should really get the AA scraps. Other projects include a bow headband,braided belt etc.

I'm going to explore more with my scraps.

Ohhh girl,you're so adorable ! Of course I could make you a bracelet. Heeeee
And maybe we should start to plan our next swap and also to swap makeup tooo.

About my job,I'm still thinking if I should really stay. Still very confused :(

Really happy about my biker jacket and it actually has a really high collar when zipped up. Goes all the way until only my eyes can be seen.

Love you tooooooo Erica <3 <3

writemeg said...

Um, the panda costume? CUTEST THING I'VE SEEN IN A THOUSAND YEARS! Sorry for the caps... just had to throw that out there! haha. No, really, it's awesome -- you're so talented! And now you've gotten me thinking about Halloween... I'm pretty sure I should retire the tired old witch costume and do something bolder. Still plenty of time to plan! :)

Toothfairynotes said...

hahaha, panda dress is cute!

thanks for the wishes on twitter dear, I'm almost fully recovered! How's work doing, are you enjoying the new job? I haven't been on your blog for 3 weeks! I'm so behind!