another work outfit

i realized that now, whenever i go shopping, i tend to browse the black clothes more often in hopes of finding cute, work-appropriate things (but this outfit is comprised of stuff i've had for a while now).

details: black sweater tunic with kangaroo pocket (f21), black tights (f21, 3-pack for $4.50!), black mary-jane flats (nine west)

my closet needs more black anyway.

will blog more later! promise. being back in school has thrown me off a bit and i've been busier than usual.

also, i received 'catching fire' in the mail yesterday and finished it last night! yes. it was that good. so if you haven't read 'hunger games' yet, i highly recommend it.

the only thing i hate about reading a new series is that you usually have to wait a year before the next one comes out. and i'm a little (more like a lot) impatient.

♥ erica


Sarah Alaoui said...

4.50 for 3?? thanks for the heads up!

Rachel said...

such a cute outfit! :)

Valencia Lia said...

Love the dress on you girl ! Perfect match all together :)

I used to buy alot of black colored clothes too. But forced myself to keep picking colors when I go shopping . heeeee

Maybe you could list down your shopping list for clothes and remember to add colors to your list .

Hope everything's good back at school ! Bet there's so many things to catch up as school has just started.
Ohhh,how I miss those old days ~ haha

Going to check out that book recommendation !

And girl,HUGE thank you for the package girl :) posted it up on my blog <3 Thank you thank you, love ya !

Nubia said...

I love the dress, I was just on Roll up your sleeves and saw what you sent her. Adorable!

Sher said...

Love the outfit! I have way too many black dresses in my closet, I'm not sure why:)

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Here's going to be my long reply again. Heeee

Really happy you liked what was in your package :) And don't mention about the baggu bag ! I love their bags and I have quite alot by now. But will still order more of those :)

That's why I asked about the 3 colors you need to choose from. It was the baggu bag color !

Love wearing short things too,as sometimes the weather here is really warm ! topical weather all year round :)

About the skirt I cut out from my old one,I liked the dress at 1st. But then,it was not after awhile . So decided to snip it out to a skirt :)

Pssst! This is actually kinda a crazy idea I have. But would actually love to fly over to US for a visit !! heeee
Haven't been there before.
Firstly,will have to start saving ! <3

writemeg said...

Cute outfit! :)

I finished Catching Fire last night -- definitely liked it, though not better than The Hunger Games! I found it getting a little repetitive toward the end... just because the situation felt so familiar. But still, a great read! I had to finish it before I fell asleep, which got hard around 1:30 a.m., haha! :)

eliii said...

I personally would wear all black clothes all the time, but my friends always tell me I need more color haha. Plus when it gets hot it's not fun to wear back, but in winter I think the majority of my clothes are.

P.S. I'm excited for our makeover! I wish Priscilla could go too :(
We need to figure out a day to do something with her.

Lilize said...

i understand how u'd always go for black... it's very sober/serious... hehehe. i always go for black too when i want something dressy or formal. actually, i always go for black for casual too... yup, i've been wearing black exclusively :(



Patty Ann said...

i totally know what you mean about work appropriate clothes!!!
i have so much stuff that's in teh write colors like black and white and gray, but it's not quite right for work
i do the same thing, and shop for black clothes in the hopes of finding something cute that i can wear to an office!

Carrie said...

You look so cute in your work outfit :)