anna sui for target

i'm way excited for this.
anna sui (one of my favorite designers) + gossip girl (one of my favorite television shows) + target (one of my favorite places in the world. hehe. just kidding...kinda) = AWESOME!

i haven't been this excited about one of target's "go! international" designers since...erin fetherston. she did all those cute bunny prints and satin jumpers. and i think that was 2 years ago or something.

some of the anna sui designs are a little...weird (or at least, not my style, to put it nicely), but there are a few outfits that i like in particular. and each outfit was inspired by one of four female gossip girl characters: blair, serena, jenny, and vanessa (although, some of the inspirations don't exactly come through very well in the designs, i think). the blair ones are my favorite (naturally).

it launches september 13th
(oh god. i have to save money if i want to buy all those dresses).

edit: if you want to see the whole collection, click here! it even lists the characters each outfit was inspired by. oh, and here are the characters for the images above (starting at the top, left to right: 1. blair, 2. serena, 3. serena, 4. vanessa, 5. jenny, 6. jenny, 7. blair). surprising, right? i mean, i don't think some of the stuff even "matches" the characters' styles, but oh well.

♥ erica
images: nymag