snow white, the lost outfit and then some

that would be an interesting title for a fairytale, now wouldn't it?

but who really cares, because my LAPTOP IS BACK! yay! thank you, geek squad for not being all condescending or whatever and for fixing it. and kudos for saving all the information & pictures. i was sad because i hadn't backed it up in a while and was afraid that i'd lost everything (and i hadn't received my external hard drive in the mail yet).

actually, i never received it. i bought it on ebay and was all worried, but some freak thing happened (the seller allegedly died. ack!) and now i have to wait for my refund from paypal. then i'll buy one again. i really need to back-up my files, because who knows how long my laptop will last before it konks out again?

here are the outfit & nail photos i was planning on posting a few weeks ago, before my laptop broke:

details: red headband (erin fetherston for target), yellow v-neck tee (juicy couture), yellow tiered floral mini-skirt (guess), white flip-flops (guess)

details: coral glitter nail polish (by goldie, "gelee"), white flower nail stickers

....and pictures from this week:

details: satin champagne headband (f21), blue ruffle top (dizzy lizzy), high-waisted shorts (lux), brown flip-flops (old navy)

details: hot pink nail polish (by fingerpaints, sorry i don't remember the shade. it's my mom's), black & silver butterfly/flower stickers

anyway, i just made a snow white costume and listed it on etsy. i'll be listing more costumes soon, once i find...the motivation to actually make them. i did buy yards and yards of fabric today, though! dad took me to downtown LA's fashion/garment district santee and i got lots of awesomely inexpensive (and CUTE) fabrics to make new things. good. i was running low on materials.

i don't wanna go back, i don't wanna go back.
to school, that is. i start classes next week. :( boo!

♥ erica


Indy Grrrl said...

Cute Snow White costume!

Jowy said...

Ur such a pretty snowwhite with ur awesome nails!

One Love,

Rachel said...

What an awesome costume!! You're so creative!

2ndComing said...

I love that snow white costume! off the shoulder is a very cute twist!

beautifulnemo said...

wow that dress is so great! :)

Valencia Lia said...

Yeahhh,you wore high waisted shorts ! Looks great on you :) I love your floral mini skirt.

Ohhhh and the snow white costume is just so adorable!! More costumes,can't wait to see more.

Yup, will be making more videos in time to come . Maybe a proper vlog the next time around. heeee

The backpack project is still in the works,I'm excited about it !
And you should get a bowlers hat too. I feel they're quite easy to carry off and match with outfits !

And do the hair flip hair flip ! I had so much fun <3

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh yes, forgot to add . I love your nails !! Did you do them yourself ??

Toothfairynotes said...

hey snowwhite! you look pretty! the dress is way more cute than hers :P


Hawaii Kawaii said...

You are SO cute and the Snow white outfit is lovely.