my makeup bag

i like seeing what other people have in their makeup bags, so i thought i'd share mine (thanks for the idea, valencia!) because i'm a huge makeup junkie.

my makeup bag is actually a complete mess, so i decided to pick and feature my favorite items that i use the most often instead.

(clockwise from the top, starting with the lipgloss)

1. buxom lips lip gloss in trixie (i.d., $18) - it's almost empty! not sticky and makes my lips nice and shiny. it tingles the tiniest bit, but doesn't burn. doesn't seem to really plump, but i like it anyway.

2. extra volume collagen mascara in blackest black (l'oreal, $8) - not clumpy, adds volume, and can be layered for a more dramatic look. i have yet to find the perfect mascara, but this one works fine (for now!).

3. deluxe shadow box (urban decay, $38) - even came with a tiny bottle of their primer potion (perfect for eye shadow lovers!). i love, love, LOVE these colors. they're bright, smooth and blend well. i like this set because it includes neutrals and bold colors that you can mix and match. it's perfect!

4. almost powder makeup in medium (clinique, $23) - not cakey, lightweight, and not too foundation-y. great if you just like to wear powder to control shine. also has spf 15.

5. glossblossom shimmer lip gloss (mark, $6) - ripening lip tint. starts out clear turns a nice pinkish-red shade that's sheer enough that it's not too noticeable, but pink enough that your lips look "ripe". has a hint of shimmer (but not chunky glitter or anything--really subtle). doesn't taste weird and isn't sticky. plus, it's cheap and the color is supposed to be personalized and match your skin tone (although, i haven't tested it on my friends or seen it on anyone else, so i'm not sure how this really holds up).

6. primer potion in sin (urban decay, $17) - i never wear eye shadow without this! it's an absolute NECESSITY if you love eye shadow. the original one is also good, but i like this one because it has a nice champagne shimmer that you can blend with your eye shadow. makes eye shadow colors pop and stay on forever without creasing. magical.

7. eyeliner in downtown brown (benefit, $19) - i kinda miss their older eye liner. seemed to go on smoother. this one's nice too, though, and it's even automatic. has a smudge tip on the other side which is great for softening your look. doesn't run and stays on all day.

8. eye cake eye shadow in teal (pop beauty, $19) - they don't sell these at sephora anymore! shame. i love these (and the whole line). you can find them on ebay for around $10 like i did. i own a few of the other colors (mocha, pink, blue, violet) and they're great because the colors are fun and coordinated. makes it easy to do a smokey eye because the shades range from light to dark, which can be used as highlighters or eyeliner and blended into the crease and on the lid.

9. dew drenched lip color in rain (mark, $6) - nice color. a neutral red that isn't too obvious (i wear a lot of neutral lip colors because my eye makeup is usually...more dramatic haha). not sticky, lightweight, and lightly flavored with mint. very moisturizing!

what's in your makeup bag? :)

♥ erica