the last summer

summer vacation is winding down.
and it will be my last official summer vacation. ever.
scary, isn't it?

one semester of school left and i'm already counting down the days till it's over.'s job hunting time. i guess. or not. who really knows? i sure don't. i was actually thinking of taking some art classes at the community college. or i'd really like to sudy abroad, but it's expensive and i don't exactly have a regular paycheck that i get every week. too bad.

details: white bow headband (f21), strapless floral bubble dress (tracy feith for target)

ha! i thought i'd attempt a hair flip à la valencia. i was semi-successful. it's a lot harder than i thought! most of the others came out really funky, with hair smooshed along the side of face.

isn't the dress cute?! i bought it with those bloomer shorts from the last post. i just had to. you can buy it too online at target. it's a little short, but whatever. just wear shorts underneath. or at the very least, cute underwear. i wore it when i went to the library today. yes, the library. i mean, why not? i was just too excited and wanted to wear it the next time i went out.

as my friend liz once said (or what i thought she said. turns out i completely heard her wrong but i liked it anyway):

"Half the fun of going to college is looking cute."

i don't remember what she actually said, but this quote pretty much sums up my thoughts nicely.

♥ erica


Valencia Lia said...

LOVE your dress ! The floral print is so so beautiful :) And yeahhh, you did the hair flip ! It's kinda hard to gt the prfect shot,but you did great <3

Re:I want to see what's in your makeup bag too!

Yesss,I'm a HUGE bow fanatic too! Meeting granny tomorrow,haven't seen her in awhile .
You gave me an idea ! Yup,maybe I'll vlog on the backpack :)

Going to wear the new item that arrived yesterday tomorrow ! Will post it up .
Ohhh,you should go find a bustier ! Hunt them down at thrift stores.
At my side,we don't have that many thrift stores in the country. So sad:(

Ohh,maybe you could do a vlog on your nails . heee

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhh,what jobs have you been considering ? Or maybe you could further your studies,art classes would be fun !

Or studying abroad is even more fun ! Yup,but moneywise, can be quite taxing

eliii said...

haha I totally forgot about that quote. I don't even remember what I originally said.

I can't believe summer is almost over :(
It went by too fast. If only I had a time machine so I could go back to the beginning of summer every time the end neared haha.

Marylynn said...


Rachel said...

love the dress!

♥Aubrey said...

Enjoy the summer while you will be gone before ya know it :(
I too HAVE to wear boyshorts..cute undies underneath dresses. Wouldn't want to flash anyone unexpectantly :)-

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

your dress certainly is cute - perfect for 'wowing' everyone at school. enjoy the rest of your summer!

♥Aubrey said...

I gave you an award pretty lady ♥

ElizabethJane. said...

Such a fun idea for a blog :)

Your clothes are adorable!

Kristin said...

What a perfectly pretty look!

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Excuse me for the long comment.
but here goes:

Ohhh the bracelet/ring thing? Guessed its called a ringchainclet. heeee
Love natural looking photos the best! Thanks to my sister for being the photographer :)

I love love jumping shots ! Yes,I always end up either being too late or too early for the self timer. But I enjoy taking them.
You should do one soon !

I hate the heat too. But over at my side,we don't have a choice. Its either rain or shine,no 4 seasons :(
I still wear what I want,the weather is not going to stop me<3

Vlog vlog so I could learn to do my nails too !

I'm also looking out for a styling job. Over here is really hard though,as it's not that big of a market here.
Fashion job would be great if I could find one !

Ohhh about the vlog thing,I have an idea not to make you feel so nervous <3

yiqin; said...

The hair flip was good :) You look stunning in florals :D

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Ohhh no,this is my 4th comment here ! Ahhhh,so sorry . heeee

I didn't know that red lipstick was not that hard to carry off. You should try it sometime too. I wouldn't put it on all the time,but good sometimes with a pop of color !

I found those lovely site from another fashion blogger! Or sometimes just happen to stumble on them.
The photobooth ones are from
Do check it out,it's really fun ! You'll know what I mean when you see it:)

I'll be borrowing/stealing more jackets and jeans from boyfriend's closets. And maybe belts too .

The idea of not being nervous for a vlog is video chatting online ! It helps for me when I'm video chatting with friends:)
Or both of us could chat <3 It might help

Ohh yes,thanks for your question <3
Will be answering to that very soon:)