the last summer

summer vacation is winding down.
and it will be my last official summer vacation. ever.
scary, isn't it?

one semester of school left and i'm already counting down the days till it's over.'s job hunting time. i guess. or not. who really knows? i sure don't. i was actually thinking of taking some art classes at the community college. or i'd really like to sudy abroad, but it's expensive and i don't exactly have a regular paycheck that i get every week. too bad.

details: white bow headband (f21), strapless floral bubble dress (tracy feith for target)

ha! i thought i'd attempt a hair flip à la valencia. i was semi-successful. it's a lot harder than i thought! most of the others came out really funky, with hair smooshed along the side of face.

isn't the dress cute?! i bought it with those bloomer shorts from the last post. i just had to. you can buy it too online at target. it's a little short, but whatever. just wear shorts underneath. or at the very least, cute underwear. i wore it when i went to the library today. yes, the library. i mean, why not? i was just too excited and wanted to wear it the next time i went out.

as my friend liz once said (or what i thought she said. turns out i completely heard her wrong but i liked it anyway):

"Half the fun of going to college is looking cute."

i don't remember what she actually said, but this quote pretty much sums up my thoughts nicely.

♥ erica