i'm back!

not that i was ever really gone.

i was just wrestling with the awful wireless signal this whole week. stupid internet. it's bad enough that the neighbors don't share. it's okay though because my sister fixed it (thanks!!). i missed it. i felt all disconnected from the world and behind on my blog-reading.

(umm...i might need to get out more)

gosh. i feel like i had a lot to say/post, and now i can't remember what it was. typical. so here's a work outfit.

details: black top (sam & max), black striped skirt (kensiegirl), black crocheted tights (betsey johnson), black patent t-strap mary jane heels (payless).

i never post work outfits because they're usually boring. it's hard to be creative with your outfit when there's a dress code. i mean, i feel like a goth librarian most of the time. a goth victorian librarian. something like that. not that i have anything against goth people or librarians. it's just not quite the look i'm going for.

i posted this one because the people in my office said i looked nice (or rather, "adorable" and "darling". how old am i again? oh, right. 21) and i really like those tights. plus, i wore heels! yes, this is something of a big deal to me because i rarely wear them (but have a tendency to buy them anyway). of course, the day i choose to wear them is one of those super busy days where i spend 90% of my time running around the store, returning merchandise.

betsey johnson tights from tjmaxx for about $7. came with a pink pair.

but i survived. and i didn't get any blisters (for once). those heels are surprisingly pretty comfortable (and i got them for $7.50 on sale at payless! yeah! i happen to pride myself on my cheapy-cheapness sometimes).

i've been working on halloween things for the shop this week (and a headband. random, but oh well): minnie mouse ears, bear ears, and even a snow white costume that i made yesterday. i need to iron it though, so no pictures/listing yet.

click images to shop

did you notice anything different in those last few pictures? mmm probably not. i dyed my hair black. not that it's terribly noticeable (it is, after all, my natural hair color. or close, anyway). the last color i dyed it (dark auburn or something) was starting to look orange-y and weird up close and i was tired of it.

hey, where did the summer go?? i am so not read to go back to school just yet. i just want to lounge and read and sew and walk around the mall and sleep. is that too much to ask?

♥ erica

p.s. did anyone else watch 'degrassi goes hollywood'?? yes, it was predictable. yes, it was cheesy. and yes, me and my sister completely enjoyed every minute of it. i hadn't watched degrassi in a long time and had something of a catch-up week with it and my love for the silly show was suddenly renewed. we saw the new promos for next season, and frankly, i am EXCITED.