i heart argyle

1. outfit + nails: wednesday

details: red headband (erin fetherston for target), gold charm choker (juicy couture), black t-shirt (juicy couture), dark skinny jeans (domaine), red plaid sneaker flats (payless)

details: purple nail polish (nabi), black & silver flower stickers, white/silver/black stripes

2. school
classes are okay so far.
it's just hard getting used to it all over again after 3 months of doing practically nothing (which was glorious, by the way).

business policy & strategy - 4:30-5:45 pm
umm i don't really know what's going on in this class right now. seems kind of boring so far. business simulations and group work.

consumer behavior - 10:30-11:45 am
professor seems cool. she's young & stylish. our first assignment is to go shopping (yes,
shopping) with a partner and observe their behaviors (haha. this is an assignment i think i'll enjoy). for our first class, instead of doing those tedious introductions ("hi, i'm erica...uh...i'm a fashion marketing major and this is my 4th year...blah blah blah"), we speed-dated! this was definitely a first. half the class sat, and the other half rotated seats. it was a fun way to get to know each other.

advanced statistics - 1:00-2:40 pm
i pretty much forgot everything from my behavioral statistics class last semester, but it shouldn't be so bad. plus, i have the same professor and she's really nice.

3. etsy
finally made something new for my etsy shop! it's an asymmetrical high-waisted pleated skirt. i really like the fabric for this one because it has a cute heart argyle print (hence, the title of this blog post. makes sense now, right?). hopefully i'll get around to making more things soon. i've just been tired/lazy lately.

♥ erica


Indy Grrrl said...

Ughhh...statistics--not my strong point! I took an intro stat class and I almost died. The other classes seem interesting. I loathe introducing myself to a class. Speed dating sounds much better! Lucky : )

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Holy crap, I love your nails so much! And your plaid flats are adorable. I also love your new skirt. I love high waisted skirts. So flattering.

Lilize said...

hey girl! :)

seems like it's been forever since i last came over here... or to the blogging world at all.

how's going back to school? i think people should have vacation every other month.

Valencia Lia said...

Those classes are all so foreign to me !! heeee Haven't been in school for quite awhile now.

Consumer Behavior sounds like a fun lesson <3

Ohhh,yay for purple nails !! Love the little details and flower you've added on :)It's so beautiful .

The skull tee you have is s cool ! Haven't had any skul tees in my whole life. Wierd huh ?! hahaha

And the new skirt on your etsy store is perfect ! The color togther with that big bow is adorable <3

Rachel said...

That consumer behavior class sounds pretty interesting. :)

yiqin; said...

I love your nails!! So pretty :)

Beth said...

Your nails rock, and that skirt is GORGEOUS. Just for the record. heh

Jocelyn said...

I love your shoes btw :] Your nails are awesome! Speaking of which, I really need to do my nails.. lol.. anyways, o0o that consumer behavior professor sounds awesome :] I'm just going into my first week of college and I'm so nervous :S I dont know what to expect :/

I love the skirt you made! I love argyle too! :]

Btw just wondering, are you still doing etsy U?

beatzlove&mely said...

omg i loveeeeeeeeee those purple nails<333
you have the cutest outfits ever.

Valencia Lia said...

Okay here's my long reply comment again. Heeee bear with me :)

Yea,we girls always tend to have wardrobe malfunctions. hahaha
About the mascara,do let me know if you can fnd it over at your side :) If not, I'll be glad to mail one over for you <3

Totally understand how you feel about school. I hated all those homework and datelines too !
Yes,I'm going back to studying soon. Now is the saving up part($$$)
Going to study Journalism,want to write and be a fashion writer or anything fashion related.

About my job,been trying to get myself into fashion stylist job. But it's hard at my side here,the market is not that big. :(

Ohhhh,and the paypal donate thing you told me !! Thanks alot for remindng me! I've seen it before on other blogs and I guess I'll be doing it up soon <3

Yeahhh,those Hello Kitty items are real sweet ! I love the Repetto flats too and the necklaces !

My birthday is on 6th May ! Awwww,that;s so sweet of you. Its okay,I'll look around my side if there's any !

♥Aubrey said...

Your outfit is adorable ♥ BOTH of them. Hang in there with the classes...i know it can be tough getting back into the swing of things after a few months off. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
P.S. I just put up a new giveaway. Check it out.

Valencia Lia said...

Erica ! heeee

Tagging up for an award. Do head down to my blog for more details <3

Beth said...

Love your nails!
Haha and that speed dating thing sounded so fun!
I did it on my work experience and even though it was a bit hard to talk to peopl eyou have never met before the 1 minute you had with them before changing around made it really funny.
Love this post.
Beth xx

ElizabethJane. said...

AH, that skirt is ADORABLE.

Love it.

Eri said...

Those nails are amazing!!