the magical convertible dress

i decided to make something for myself for once. i can't even remember the last time i made myself a dress or anything, because whenever i make something--let's face it--it's an opportunity to make some money (even if i want to keep it for myself). etsy is my "job" right now and pretty much my only source of income besides the occasional allowance from mom and dad.

anyway, when i saw the convertible dress project on cut out + keep, i knew i had to attempt to make one. i remembered seeing something similar called the "infinity dress" on 'the tyra banks show', but that version retails at $200+ or something insane like that.

the idea is that the dress can be worn an infinite amount of ways (hence, the name). i had fun trying to figure out all the different ways to wear it, but got exhausted after a while. and yeah, there were some ways that i would never wear it, but it's nice to know i have the option.

forwards. backwards. higher. lower. wrap here. unwrap there. twist. tie. sleeves. no sleeves...

it's actually flattering and can fit a lot of sizes/body shapes. i even let my sister and mom try it on so we could play around with it. this dress is awesomely smart! you can make it as conservative/not conservative, traditional/avant-garde or dressy/casual as you want. really.

it's relatively easy to make and only consists of 4 pieces and one seam: 2 really long, wide straps (mine were 2 yards long), a folded over waistband, and skirt. i tweaked the original instructions a bit though. instead of a circle skirt (which, for some reason, is very basic but too hard for me to figure out), i made a simple gathered skirt with an elasticized bubble hem. also, i'd suggest using a thinner, softer knit. i used jersey knit cotton of average thickness, but it gets a little bulky when wrapped and tied several times.

i might experiment with my version some more and make some for my shop in the future.

♥ erica