cirque 21

i was really excited when i first saw the 'cirque 21' collection on the forever 21 homepage. i mean, everything was colorful, cute, poufy, and circus themed! in other words: precisely the kinds of things i like to buy.

not that i'm a big fan of the circus...i just like the aesthetic.

but upon closer inspection, the individual pieces don't seem as nice or something (and some of the ones i like in the pictures aren't even for sale), and their images look different from the ones the models are wearing. weird! this was a bit of a turn-off and the things i wanted didn't seem as desirable anymore. i like how they put the outfits together though.

i'm more interested in her knee socks and tights now, really.

♥ erica

images: forever21


Valencia Lia said...

I loved how they styled their models too . Loving the knee-high socks :)

Thanks girl ! I had to DIY my shoes to save money,but I'm happy they turned out well :)

The Demigoddess said...

It's frustrating when the models/mannequins look so good wearing those clothes and when I try it on, the clothes look no where as nice as it was on the model!

Time to diet more...

Thanks for following. :-)

Little Miss Tiara said...

lol. yeah, sometimes i do wondering how do those things can look so good on the models and not really on us, lol :P

oh, but that knee length sock is definitely worth buying, I think, that looks fab! :D

beautifulnemo said...

Hi! I'm a new follower:)
We don't have F21 in Spain buttt I saw their collection in the website some days ago and loved it too, although it also happened to me that I liked the outfits more. Anyway I still like some of the clothes, but I think I can't buy them 'cause it cost SO much to send them to Spain.
xx from Madrid! :)

Toothfairynotes said...

yup we don't have it either! but I love the knee socks too!


nuvonova said...

Yes I hate when things that are featured on the models are not for sale or they look different..

The reason to this though, is because what the model is wearing is probably the first production sample.. and it probably got changed when it was mass-made - maybe to make it cheaper by taking out some detail etc

..but overall, I quite liked it all.