blog awards + outfit

1. here's my outfit for today:

details: plaid blouse (urban renewal by urban outfitters), black belt (f21), black high-waisted bloomer shorts (tracy feith for target)

i've been going through a shorts phase lately, and i just got these ones in the mail today! i thought they were kind of weird at first because they pouf out on the sides (they're bloomer inspired) but i quickly fell in love with them. they're on sale right now for $10.48 on and most of the sizes are in stock, so get them while you can!

2. valencia awarded me a couple of blog awards (thanks, girl!!), so that's really cool.

newly discovered blog

i will be passing this on to jowy & beautiful nemo! i just discovered their blogs and they're wonderful.

10 random facts about yourself

1. i have a lemonade and iced tea obsession.
2. i usually can't fall asleep before 3 am (oh god, what will i do when school starts next week?? good thing i only have one morning class. ha!)
3. mom encouraged me to get a job this summer so that i can "buy things" (ahem. support my shopping habit). i never did get a real job because no one hired me (and my internship is unpaid).
4. but now that i have some extra spending money from etsy she's telling me to save it because i "have enough clothes/shoes/etc.". umm...what?? you don't say things like that to a fashion major, of all people. and i cleaned out my closet earlier this summer. so there.
5. i never answer my cell phone because i can never hear it in my bag. or i leave it somewhere in my room and forget about it. i know this irks people but i can't help it.
6. my friend gave me a pet fish in high school. it died two weeks later (from a fungal disease. so not my fault!) and i never told her.
7. i then bought a replacement fish in case, you know, my friend visited or something. it died 3
days later (jumped out of the bowl while i was taking my SATs!). i gave up on fish until i won a goldfish at the hospital junior volunteer holiday party later that year.
8. (don't worry, it lived for a year!)
9. i haven't gone to vegas since i turned 21 in june. this has got to change.
10. i'm not looking forward to school next week. i forgot how to do homework and write papers. well, not really, but you know what i mean.

i will give this one to my sister, and my friends liz, kelsey, and yan

♥ erica