back to school

and it sucks.
i'm still in summer mode.

weird, because summer started out so slowly and suddenly it's the first week of school and i feel totally out-of-sync and unprepared. it's so hard to get back into it, but it's great to see everyone again (and all their new haircuts/clothes/or whatever).

so how do i prepare for school?
why, with pink heart-shaped post-its, of course. or at least, that's what i bought the other day. and a new planner. i still have lots of paper/pens/etc. leftover from last semester so i really didn't need much else.

outfit from today: (forgot to take one for the 1st day of school, so here's my 2nd day)

details: gray zipper tunic with flutter sleeves (robin k.), black leggings (f21), black sandals (classified)

the gray tunic photographs boring-ly, hence the little dance (or what i like to think of as dancing, anyway).

classes are okay so far.

i thought my 7-week market research analysis class started today and i waited after stats for it to start (which was like 3 hours later!). luckily, i checked online right before i went to make sure i got the room # right, and it turns out it doesn't start till OCTOBER. apparently, i was the only one that made this mistake. that kind of stuff happens to me a lot.

at least i got to hang out with nadia before my class-that-doesn't-start-till-october-even-though-i-thought-it-started-today (not my fault though, really. the schedule they gave me was wrong and had the incorrect time/start day. so there).

nadia and i went out to get frozen yogurt at menchie's, which is the cutest frozen yogurt place i've ever been to. there are lots of other trendy yogurt places around burbank and such, but they're not as cute. it was my first time going and i had trouble picking, but i chose the maple yogurt with granola, blueberries, cocoa krispies, and rainbow sprinkles to top it off (of course). it was delicious! i should've taken a picture of it, but i forgot my camera. boo.

♥ erica

(image: menchie's)


Valencia Lia said...

The first few days back to school are always weird !(Even though I've not been back in school for so long)

The hearts post it pads are so adorable! I want soommee too . heee

Love love your grey tunic !! Been wanting something like that for awhile. Saw that Miss Selfridge had those,but I don't know why I did not buy them !!

I tend to get forgetful at times! But its fine girl,school gave you the wrong timetable!!

Always loving frozen yoghurt !! Making me drool now . Oops

Rachel said...

I have had a serious fro yo craving lately. This just made it worse :P

Cindy said...

You are quite right!

yiqin; said...

You look good in grey :)

Kelsey said...

I felt the same way about summer. It didn't seem like summer to me. Now, I don't have to go back to school but the deadline for Disney is rapidly approaching!!

ElizabethJane. said...

I think THAT is the ice cream I should have.

That looks fantastic!

And that tunic is cute.
Grey is yay.