r.i.p. laptop #3

i kill things.

not humans, or anything. and it's not ever my fault. my curse only seems to affect electronics (specifically, laptops and mp3 players).

and pet fish.
but that's another story.

my laptop crashed. it's not exactly dead, but it won't exactly turn on either. just lots of ominous, continuous blinking lights whenever i press the power button. i wasn't even doing anything when it freaked out. i had an ebook open (meg cabot's 'mediator #5) and was in the middle of reading it (of course) when I left to use the bathroom. when i got back, the screen was all frozen and white and scary looking so i manually shut it down.

and now it won't turn back on. ugh.

i haven't even had problems with it before. it's only been, what, a year and a half? but then again, i've killed 2 more before. my first one, a dell, lasted a year (but dad's friend fixed it for him, so now it's officially "dad's laptop". i'm borrowing it until i figure out what to do with #3).

#2, an hp, lasted about a year, and i was lucky enough to get the replacement (#3, a cheapie compaq) for free, thanks to the warranty that was set to expire 3 days after it crashed.

and now #3 is dead. or in limbo. whatever. at least it lasted longer than the others.

i'm not too attached to it, and i did back it up a few months ago, but that still means that i lost everything in between which is a major inconvenience.

and yeah, they were just silly blog/outfit/self-portrait photos, but still. plus photoshop, which i need for my online class. ugh!

it could've waited to do this, i don't know, until after my external hard drive arrived?? boo.

but no worries, i will resume regular blogging soon, once i take more pictures. sucks because i had a few that i originally wanted to post, that i didn't back up. sad.

i'm already looking up a suitable replacement (perhaps a pink sony vaio?) because i'm quite sure i won't be able to resurrect this thing on my own. and if i take it to geek squad again, they'll just ask me asinine things like "did you press the power button?" (i hate you, sometimes, geek squad!). plus, my warranty and replacement plan expired in march.

so...it's time for a new laptop.

♥ erica