my first day interning + disneyland

just finished my first day interning for bloomingdales studio services. i'm basically working retail without pay, minus the registers and more office work. i had no idea i'd be returning tons of merchandise ("go-backs") on my first day, running around to various areas in the store--which is three stories by the way--for a couple of hours frantically trying to locate specific designers and clothing sections. i was wearing my (what i thought were) "comfy" heels (which turned out to be not so comfy).

bad idea.

i banged up my feet in the process and now they're all blistery and hurt so much (ouch!) so i'll be doing anything that requires not walking for the rest of the day, i.e. sitting, lying down, and...well, that's it really.

the good thing about interning: i'll get to meet/interact with a bunch of costumers, designers, and stylists who work for movies/television shows (i want their job. i mean, tv + shopping = the perfect job for me haha). plus, everyone who works at bloomingdales has been really nice to me so far, even if i had to bug all those associates about 'where did this shirt go' or 'do you know where this designer is located'.

oh crap. i forgot to ask for a new badge/name tag. mine still says "studio studios" haha.

in other news...

  • went to disneyland with the best friend on tuesday. overall, it was really fun (as always!). we had a lot to catch up on (gossip!) and went on a few rides/attractions that we've never been on (like that pirate ship and the 'house of tomorrow'). the only thing that irked me was that even though we bought our tickets/upgraded to annual passes on the exact same days last year, her pass expires on 7/31, and mine expired two days before we went! what?! the lady we bought our passes from messed up her expiration date, but it worked in her favor. for me, it was either pay the full price for a day ($69) or renew my pass ($134, $11/month). i chose the latter and figured $11/month wasn't so bad after all (that's how they get you!!). i guess i'll just have to force people to go with me a few more times so i get my money's worth (which is really just 2 visits anyway). i only went 4 or 5 times this year though. so...who wants to go to disneyland with me? ;)
the best friend and i pretending to "look surprised". not convinced? no? yeah, me neither. and tinkerbell is hard to see, but she's there.

i think this is my favorite 'space mountain' photo yet.

pretty, pretty sunset.
  • made a few more pairs of earrings today after interning. at least making earrings does not require standing or walking (thank god!).

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♥ erica