a little bit of everything

1. outfit - just one from last week.

outfit: yellow halter (stargazer), black leggings (f21), black flip-flops (old navy)

2. life -finished up training for bloomingdales. consisted of "enculturation" (i.e. slightly outdated videos about the history, company policies etc.), a tour of the store (3 stories and really big. i'll get lost for sure. i hope no one asks me for directions to any of the departments yet!), and an extensive overview on dress code (basically: wear black. all black, except they "can't really tell us to wear all black because then that'd be a uniform" or something, but pretty much, monochromatic black outfits. closed-toe shoes, tailored skirts to the knee or tailored pants (no pinstripes!), no sleeveless tops, etc. etc. wow. i need more black clothes. my wardrobe has too many colors to work at bloomingdales.

on the bright side, i work thursdays (11-3 pm) and saturdays (10-2 pm). i finished all my paperwork and i even got my official badge!

(umm...look closely)
yes, it should say "studio services" and not "studio studios" but i'll live. i was so excited when i got it, i didn't even read it! i just put it on and forgot about it haha. i didn't notice until i showed dad and he looked at it and said "...studio studios?"

3. books - been doing a lot of reading the past couple of weeks because of my joblessness, laziness, lack of motivation/creativity, and free time. love, love, LOVE john green! will definitely buy 'paper towns' to read next. now for the super short book reviews! rating system based on hearts (out of 5, 1 meaning "loathe" and 5 meaning "love").

'looking for alaska' by john green - finished it yesterday and it put a damper on my mood for the rest of the day. it's so good though! didn't realize it would cover such heavy topics (growing up/love/loss/grief), but still humorous. i don't know what it is about his characters, but there's something about them that makes them seem real; almost like they could be your friends.
(♥♥♥♥♥ - love!)

'once dead, twice shy' by kim harrison - i bought this because i read her short story ('madison avery and the dim reaper' in the 'prom nights from hell' story collection) and i really liked it. ehh, this one's okay. kinda short. more of a novella. overexplained a lot of the reaper/afterlife/supernatural stuff. lack of character development. i mean, i didn't feel like i knew the characters enough and i certainly wasn't attached to them. i wanted to like it (i heart grim reapers! anyone ever watch 'dead like me'??), but didn't.
(♥♥ - eh. could've been better)

'being nikki' by meg cabot - i love meg cabot. ever since i bought 'the princess diaries' in 7th grade, i've been pretty loyal (except the princess diaries series got pretty boring after the 3rd book, but i still buy her other ones). i actually liked this one. yeah the premise is silly (brain transplant? really?), but it's better than the 1st one in the series ('airhead'). the story progresses more and it wasn't as predictable as i thought it would be. plus there's a lot more action. em is still getting used to being in nikki's body and is forced to deal with all the issues she had before the accident (family/crushes/etc.) as well as new issues (drama with nikki's family/ex boyfriends/modeling). fun.
(♥♥♥♥ - liked it)

'an abundance of katherines' by john green - read this last week but thought it was still noteworthy. this is one of my favorite books by far! so funny and a little nerdy, but that's why i liked it. it's about a guy who was a child prodigy and has been dumped by 19 girls named katherine. he tries to come up with a mathematical thereom that predicts how long a relationship will last, and who will dump who. there are graphs and everything (and even explanations in the back! haha). cute book.
(♥♥♥♥♥ - love!)
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4. etsy - i made & listed a new dress! i'm also working on a new skirt. feels good to be productive again (even if my production rate is fairly slow).

♥ erica