internship + outfit + a book

i survived the 2nd day of my internship. it's a lot less busy on saturdays (plus i wore my flats!). they actually didn't have much for me to do except more of those "go-backs" (putting things away), which sucks because customers ask you where things are and i haven't exactly... acclimated yet.

but it's okay. they actually let me go 2 hours early because after i was done with the go-backs, they had nothing else for me to do. yay!

lisa, who works in the office, told me i could work mondays instead of saturdays since it's busier (but i don't mind lazy saturdays). at least i get saturdays off now (not that i could distinguish my weekdays from my weekends on account of my current state of joblessness/out-of-schoolness). outfit from last week (i haven't taken many outfit pictures lately because i've been bumming at home/interning/not feeling quite inspired):

details: blue swiss dot tunic (kensiegirl), black linen shorts (old navy), black elastic rose belt (f21), flip-flops (kitson)

yeah. i pretty much wear flip-flops 24/7. i swear i have other shoes, but it's summer and i live in southern california. flip-flops are practically mandatory here.

anyway, let's do a super short book review. i just read 'the hunger games' by suzanne collins (thanks for the recommendation, amazon! haha. although, i still think it's kind of creepy that amazon can predict the things you'd like based on what you've rated so far).

it's another young adult novel, which makes me feel a bit silly since i'm not 16 anymore, but i don't care because it was really good! i didn't even think i was into that futuristic, post-apocalyptic thing, but once i started reading i couldn't even put it down. it's about a girl who chooses to participate in this reality tv-esque competition--in place of her younger sister--where 24 teenagers are isolated in an outdoor arena and the survivor is declared the winner. it's a little violent and disturbing and yes, people do die, but it's not so bad (it is ya fiction, after all). quite entertaining, and there's a sequel due in september. yes!
(♥♥♥♥♥ - love!)

also: i need some book recommendations, as amazon can only recommend so much. what are you favorite books and authors?



beatzlove&mely said...

your outfit looks so comfty i would so wear that since its so hotttt right now in southern california!

Andhari said...

You look so much like Lilly Allen in this picture, I like your outfit. That's such a cute top!

Erica Leigh said...

beatzlove & andhari--
aww, thanks!! :)
(and i <3 lily allen, so that means a lot to me)

Rachel said...

I recommend "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" by Sloane Crosley (sp?). {i'm too lazy to get my book to see how to spell her last name}

Pam said...

I live in Flip Flops. Living in the South, it is almost a nessasary.

I LOVE Hunger Games. I can't wait till the second book comes out.

Go here:
It is my profile and you can see all the books I've read. There are some good ones!!

Beth said...

Well, if you like period feeling (but not period and slightly darker) books, I recommend The Secret History by Donna Tartt. It's one of my absolute favorites. And that outfit is ADORABLE!

Also, you're one of my picks for the Premio Meme Award. Thank you so much for your support!

Toothfairynotes said...

oh girl you look lovely as always!

I hope you enjoy the internship, because it's pretty cool!


Lilize said...

OMG, as i was reading your post, i couldn't remember your name... then when you said you live in socal, i was going "PLEASE DON'T BE HELEN, PLEASE DON'T BE HELEN!" hahahaha

so glad your name is erica. hahaha
helen is this girl who lives in san diego, for some reason i had not thought of this before but on your first pic on todays post you kinda look like her. she used to have a thing for my boyfriend haha. so now you understand.

anyways, didnt know u live in LA. orange county here. summer's been unpleasantly hot lately, only the pool saves me from melting away and the flip flops are a must.

writemeg said...

I literally just got The Hunger Games in the mail yesterday -- can't wait to read it! I'm not really into the whole "distant future," new-world thing either, but so many people have been recommending the book that I felt like... ah, peer pressure! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

And I so remember "go-backs" -- we called them "reshops" at the craft store where I worked, but no matter. We would have carts lined up by the registers at the end of the night, and no one could go home and until every cart was empty. Sometimes the store would close at 9 p.m. and we'd be there until 11:30 -- especially around Christmas! AH! When I remember that, I'm thankful for my office job :) heh

The Ashes said...

Ooo, your outfit is REALLY cute!

And I see absolutely nothing wrong with flip flops with everything.