internship + outfit + a book

i survived the 2nd day of my internship. it's a lot less busy on saturdays (plus i wore my flats!). they actually didn't have much for me to do except more of those "go-backs" (putting things away), which sucks because customers ask you where things are and i haven't exactly... acclimated yet.

but it's okay. they actually let me go 2 hours early because after i was done with the go-backs, they had nothing else for me to do. yay!

lisa, who works in the office, told me i could work mondays instead of saturdays since it's busier (but i don't mind lazy saturdays). at least i get saturdays off now (not that i could distinguish my weekdays from my weekends on account of my current state of joblessness/out-of-schoolness). outfit from last week (i haven't taken many outfit pictures lately because i've been bumming at home/interning/not feeling quite inspired):

details: blue swiss dot tunic (kensiegirl), black linen shorts (old navy), black elastic rose belt (f21), flip-flops (kitson)

yeah. i pretty much wear flip-flops 24/7. i swear i have other shoes, but it's summer and i live in southern california. flip-flops are practically mandatory here.

anyway, let's do a super short book review. i just read 'the hunger games' by suzanne collins (thanks for the recommendation, amazon! haha. although, i still think it's kind of creepy that amazon can predict the things you'd like based on what you've rated so far).

it's another young adult novel, which makes me feel a bit silly since i'm not 16 anymore, but i don't care because it was really good! i didn't even think i was into that futuristic, post-apocalyptic thing, but once i started reading i couldn't even put it down. it's about a girl who chooses to participate in this reality tv-esque competition--in place of her younger sister--where 24 teenagers are isolated in an outdoor arena and the survivor is declared the winner. it's a little violent and disturbing and yes, people do die, but it's not so bad (it is ya fiction, after all). quite entertaining, and there's a sequel due in september. yes!
(♥♥♥♥♥ - love!)

also: i need some book recommendations, as amazon can only recommend so much. what are you favorite books and authors?