independence day

happy 4th of july, everyone!

i did a whole lot of nothing today. well, my parents were showing me around the place where i'm interning so i don't get lost when i have to train on monday. so yeah. in other words, it's been an uneventful day.

and we're not big on celebrating 4th of july. my family's just not into fireworks. and honestly, i'm not really into them either. oh well! i did make myself a delicious cheeseburger, which was the most american thing i did all day.

i'd make something new for my etsy shop but i'm still going through this creative dry-spell and can't seem to bring myself to start any new projects right now. hopefully it'll pass soon! i'm getting terribly bored.

outfit: dress (forever 21), tiny american flag (cute, huh? it's from 4th of july 2007 when i went to an astros game with my sister/cousins/aunt/uncle in texas)

♥ erica