don't make fun of my castle (please)

1. school
just wrapped up my online class for adobe illustrator. umm...needless to say, but i didn't really keep up with the training videos and had to cram about 3 weeks worth of knowledge into a few hours the day the final project was due (which i didn't even know i had until i looked at the syllabus the day before. nice). usually i'm really good at keeping track of that kind of stuff, but...
...okay i don't have any good excuse. i just got lazy.

for our final project, we had to make a digital illustration of our house, or any building, really. our house is too boring. one of those typical 2-story suburban houses that are indistinguishable from the ones surrounding it.

so i made a castle. mostly because i had just gone to disneyland and wanted to make something that was obviously not inspired by my house. the result (now don't laugh):

ehh. i guess it's not so bad considering i had no idea what i was doing, but it could've been better. the gradient tool is my best friend. good thing this class was online & only worth 1 unit.

2. outfit for today.

details: dark blue ruffle-y blouse (dizzy lizzy), blue and white gingham skirt (baby tears), red bow belt (f21), white flip flops (guess).

tired of the bow belts yet? ...well i'm not (obviously). i just bought the top at ross (yay cheap clothes!) but i shouldn't have. in fact, i bought a bunch of things last week (skirts, stuff for work, tops) when i was supposed to be saving up for my much-needed external hard drive! d'oh.

although, once the buyer's remorse subsided, i sold a dress on etsy and had enough to buy it so i did before i could change my mind. i'd rather have spent that on something pretty/useless/pretty useless, but i really needed it.

sucks to not have a job or regular paycheck.

3. etsy update
don't worry, i haven't been completely unproductive. in-between reading and interning (which is finally getting better/busier), i made a new dress!

click to shop!

♥ erica

p.s. i just joined good reads, so if you have an account, feel free to add me so i can see what you're reading & you can see what i'm reading! i've been pretty ADD lately and can't seem to concentrate on just one book at a time, so i need one that will completely captivate me to the point that i actually finish it. that's where your ratings/currently reading lists come in! i need recommendations. thanks to everyone who gave me a few in the last post!! they're on my to-read list.