new camera + an abundance of hearts ♥ ♥ ♥

the camera that mom & dad got me for my birthday finally arrived today! mom woke me up just so i could open it. then i went back to sleep for a couple of hours. i played with it when i woke up the second time and marked it the best way i knew how: with a giant heart sticker (and a little bow sticker).

after figuring out the basics (oh god, i don't even know what a lot of the functions are for yet), i thought i'd take pictures of those teeny tiny animals my sister bought for me from when she went to the santa barbara zoo last week (i have a fondness for miniature things!).

the elephant photographs quite well, i'd say.

after a while, i thought i'd try to do something a little more complicated: a shaped bokeh. i remembered seeing awesome images of light made up of cute little shapes and was set on figuring out how to execute the effect.

it took me forever (and 4 failed bokeh lens hoods) but i re-created the effect pretty successfully using my brand new point-and-shoot olympus! instructions can be found here. i couldn't find my black construction paper, but the indigo paper worked just fine. it's a little ghetto-fabulous, but at least it works. i had to spend a LOT of time tinkering with the settings on the camera and focusing/de-focusing until the light finally resembled heart shapes.

here are a few of my favorite images that resulted from the heart bokeh thing (keep in mind i'm a beginner + still experimenting):

i used sequins for the colorful hearts. i love how they turned out! they look like candy.

i think i'll try other shapes soon, but the heart seemed to be the easiest (and cutest).

unrelated, but i finally blew out the candles for my birthday tiramisu and my family sang happy birthday to me (3 days after my birthday, lol). it was delicious!

♥ erica