it's my birthday!

yay! i turn 21 today.
my goal for this summer is to learn how to make a few cocktails! haha. i need to get a book first. and a cocktail shaker. but i can't seem to find any cute ones!

dad bought me some tiramisu in lieu of a birthday cake, and tritia got me a gorgeous necklace from tiffany. and it's a bow! i love bows. my family is awesome.

mom and dad also got me a new camera, but i'm still waiting for it to arrive. fedex projects next monday for the arrival date. i can't wait to get it so i can start taking more pictures! and i want to take a photography class at the community college when i'm done at my other school.

i should've planned a trip to disneyland today (what is wrong with me??). it's free! but oh well. maybe i'll go next week with the best friend. i don't have any plans for my birthday-day, but tritia is taking me out to dinner + drinks later at chili's (don't laugh! i love chili's). so until then, i'll just veg out. i woke up at 1:30 today (which is earlier than normal, lately).

tomorrow, i celebrate with the high school friends + 1 college friend (everyone else lives out of state/out of the country/too far from where i live right now). or they're not 21 yet.

♥ erica